10 years ago
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cpgf library 1.5.2 was released, we have meta data for Irrlicht

Oh yeah, cpgf library version 1.5.2 was released. Only one and a half months elapsed since previous version 1.5.1, how ever, the new version is an accumulated work in half a year, seriously!

Now we can use Irrlicht 3D engine in Lua, JavaScript, and Python

Now we have meta data for Irrlicht 3D library, that means we can use Irrlicht in script binding.

This is very cool work. 18 out of total 23 sample code are converted and tested in Lua, Google V8 JavaScript, and Python. All samples work quite well.

This is very hard work. As far as I remember, I start working on Irrlicht meta data in 5 or 6 months ago. During that period, several new version of cpgf library were released. A lot of enhancement were added to support Irrlicht meta data.

Let me show a very cool screenshot, which is running Irrlicht in Lua!

Why Irrlicht?

After released meta data for SFML library, I decided to work on some feature completed 3D render engine. In the free open source world, OGRE and Irrlicht are the best candidates.

Irrlicht gives me much better impression for that its super easy compiling system. There are even ready to use VC project solutions for the library and each sample code! I felt so excited after compiled the library and sample code without even one second difficulty. That's incredible in C++ open source world! (I still remember the tough time when I tried to compile Google V8 library).

If there are several libraries with equivalent features, I will always prefer the one that I can compile without trouble. I don't want to waste my time on compiling third party libraries!

Not only Irrlicht, we have more

Building meta data for Irrlicht is the progress, not the result. Irrlicht used so many C++ special features, such as bitfields, operator overloading, reference, which were not supported or supported incorrectly in cpgf.

During the work on meta data for Irrlicht, a lot of problems and bugs were exposed and resolved (you can see how long the change list for 1.5.2). Up to now cpgf library is more feature complete and less bugs!

Enjoy cpgf version 1.5.2.