This is not my resume, it's some facts about me

About me

I am a developer
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My name is Wang Qi, family name is Wang, given name is Qi. My internet nickname is wqking.
I'm a native Chinese, living in Beijing, China, GMT+8.
I'm a developer. I started working as a programmer since year 2000 after I graduated from my bachelor's degree in economics.
I'm an enthusiast of open source projects. The projects page lists my main open source projects.
I'm a freelancer. If you are looking for someone to develop high quality software or website, contact me and I will NOT disappoint you.
Wang Qi, wqking, developer, freelancer

My technology

I am a technical guy
I'm versatile in programming. My strongest programming language is C++. I'm also good at programming in Python, PHP/Laravel, JavaScript, Java, C#, Perl.
I can develop in many fields, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, desktop/mobile software and game, web frontend and backend.
If I list all my experienced techniques, it's a long list. My core technology is that I have the ability to master any new technology.

I'm a software artisan

I create unique and creative works
Software artisan
Programming is becoming industrialized, standardized, and repeating. I don't like repeating myself as a pipeline worker, it's boring. I am always in pursuit of doing unique and creative works. I'm a software artisan, that means
  • I do unique and creative works. I may not always be able to do so, but I always try to do it.
  • Pursuit of high quality. That's why I always refactor my code again and again, no matter the code is for my open source project, or for my paid client.
  • All my works are handmade. That doesn't mean I don't use automation tools to improve my productivity, it means I don't blindly copy and paste code or knowledge from the internet.

My current work

How I am working
Currently I work from home on both full-time blockchain related projects and part time freelance projects. Working from home has given me the highest productivity because there are no boundaries between office hours and off-duty hours, no boundaries between weekends and weekdays. I enjoy working at the highest productivity for the longest time. Life is too short to be wasted on commute, office meetings, casual chats and distractions.

My career

My past work experience
  • Technical manager in enterprise training industry, developing gamified training applications.
  • Lead developer in Perfect World Beijing for 3 years, developing mobile games on iPhone and Android, using Flash Air and Unity.
  • Lead developer in EA Beijing for near 5 years, developing mobile and social games on iPhone, Android, and social platforms.
  • Lead developer in Gameloft Beijing for near 5 years, developing mobile games on J2ME platforms. Some games that I had developed and have my name on: Rayman Raving Rabbids (2006), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)
Office work

About this website

I developed this website
Software artisan

I developed this website from scratch, using Laravel 5.7 and Bootstrap 4. I didn't use any templates, themes, or website builder. I also developed the markdown based blog system for this site from scratch (I wrote a blog about the blogging system).

Note: most of the pictures used on this website are from the internet. If there are any pictures of infringement of your copyright, please inform me, I will make a replacement.