Welcome, I'm Wang Qi, a software engineer, a freelancer

I'm very senior software developer with more than 20 years experience. Not only I have plenty of experience in various areas development, but also I have high requirements on product quality.
If you are looking for technical cofounder or hiring a software developer, I'm ready for you.

My expertise

I can develop website, web service, desktop application, game, blockchain, and other kinds of projects. I'm proficient in various programming languages, such as C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and many more.
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My services

  • Web frontend and backend development. Interactive frontend. Web backend.
  • Tools and utilities development. Web scrapper, automation tools.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Blockchain, coin fork, wallet, explorer.
  • Desktop/mobile application development. Software, games.
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My open source projects

I created several open source projects. Some of them may be useful to you.
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My music software

Since I'm a fan of music, especially on playing instrument, I developed several software for music. All of them are free!
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My Ukulele sheet music and TABs

I transcribed several music pieces to Ukulele sheet music and TABs, I would like to share them with the world. All are for Baritone or Low G Ukulele.
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