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I am Wang Qi, a software artisan

I'm Wang Qi, a software engineer, a freelancer

My expertise

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C++ Development

C++ Development

I have over 20 years of experience in C++ development. I created several open source projects in C++. eventpp is a library for event dispatcher and callback list. cpgf is a library that adds reflection, serialization and script binding to standard C++. Gincu is a cross platform 2D game engine.


I have used various programming languages such as C, C++, Delphi, JavaScript, Java, ActionScript 3, Unity C# in my professional programming career since year 2000, and Python, PHP, Perl, MySQL in my part time. I can also quickly master any new programming languages.
Web Development

Web Development

I enjoy developing web frontend and backend. My technology stack for web development is, PHP(Laravel), JavaScript(vanilla, jQuery, ES6), BootStrap, and MySQL. I created this site and the blogging system from scratch using Laravel and BootStrap. I'm more than a full stack developer.
Software Development

Software Development

I have a lot of experience in old style Windows API programming. And I created several shareware using Windows-only technology such as Delphi more than 10 years ago. Now I focus on cross platform technology such as Qt.
Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Blockchain development is the thing I'm most interested in right now. I have a lot of experience with master-node coins and Bitcoin derived blockchains. I am looking forward to creating really useful blockchain product for the benefit of the world.
Game Development

Game Development

I worked in several large global gaming companies for more than 12 years. I developed games for mobile and social network, from J2ME to iPhone and Android. I created 2D game engines C++ Gincu and JavaScript Jincu

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Web frontend and backend development
Interactive frontend. Web backend.
Tools and utilities development
Web scrapper, automation tools
Blockchain and cryptocurrency development
Blockchain, coin fork, wallet, explorer
Desktop/mobile application development
Software, games
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