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Manual Trader -- easier way to manage orders and test strategies in MT4

Manual Trader Manual Trader is an Expert Advisor for trade execution, order management, and manual back testing software for MetaTrader 4. Manual Trader has powerful and unique features, and is designed to be quick and easy to use in Forex trading.

Your trading life is much easier and faster by using Manual Trader!

Version: 1.0       Platform: MetaTrader 4 build 600 or later

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Main features

One click execution

Stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, and expiration can be set. Multiple orders can be executed with one click.

Risk calculation

The used margin and risk percentage are calculated automatically for stop loss and take profit.

Trailing stop

Automatically move the stop loss and lock your profit with the built in trailing stop feature.

OCO order support

One Cancels Other. Easier to implement range break out strategy. Unlimited orders can be in a group.

One click order deletion

Delete and close hundreds of orders and trades in one second at one click. Can't be faster.

Order list

Orders can be added or edited in a well designed list and then execute and manage at any time.

Order copy and paste

Powerful order copy and paste mechanism. With this intuitive feature, orders can be easily preset, cloned, and reversed.

Save orders to file

Save orders to file and load back later. Easier way to transfer your well designed preset orders to your office or partners.

Trade in back testing

Execute and manage orders in back testing same as live account. Test strategies in very few hours on years historical data.

Various price type

For example, take profit can be set as the ratio to stop loss, or be set to break event at one click.


Even volume can be set in lots or units. Choose your favorite and let Manual Trader does others for you.

Native user interface

Intuitive and native Windows style user interface. The interface is self explained and very easy to use.

Manual Trader saves us significant money and time in several ways

  • Trade execution and order management can't be faster, easier, and safer. All features are designed around fast and easy to use.
  • Great back testing simulator tool. Now we can execute trades and manage orders in back testing as if we are trading on live account. This allows us to exercise our trading skill on years data every day without losing money.

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