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Manual Trader document -- Save orders to disk and load back later

In the order list panel, in the pop up menu after clicking button More, there are several uncommon but may be very useful commands: Save, Load, and Recent files.

  • Save: Save selected orders to external file on disk.
  • Load: Load orders from file and add the orders to the list.
  • Recent files: Load orders from recent used file. This can load orders quickly.

There are several situations that the file storage functions can be very useful.

Situation 1: manage different order lists

Manual Trader only provides one order list for simple and easy to use. As the growth of the order list, you may want new order list. To do so, you can just select all orders in the order list, save them to a file, then delete all orders, add your new interested orders. To switch between order lists, just load from Recent files.

There are several occasions that multiple order list may be helpful

Use different order lists for different strategies

For example, you have two strategies, one is scalping and another is swing. For scalping trades the stop loss and take profit are very small while for swing trades they are quite large. Then you may need one order list for scalping, another order list for swing trades.

Use different order lists for different market sessions

For example, you may need different order lists for Asian session, London session, and New York session.

Make any new order list for your purpose

For example, if you are a fan to trade big events, you may create a new order list called NFP.

Situation 2: share order lists between different computers

You may spend your whole weekend to create a very well defined order list, you may want to use that list from your office. No problem, just save the order list to file, send the file to your office, then you can continue trading from your office.

Situation 3: share order lists with your friends

Want to tell your friends about your stop loss and take profit? Just send the order list file to your friends.

Save/Load from/To file is a plus, not a must

If you don't have many orders in your order list, you may just use one list to manage all your orders. The file saving functions give you an opportunity, not a must to do.

Manual Trader is like a Swiss knife, the more you use it, the more potential you will find.