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Manual Trader document -- preset stop loss, take profit, and other common settings

It is convenient and useful if we can preset default values for stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop, and Manual Trader fills the values in to order creation form. Manual Trader can do this, and do this in a more elegant way.

The above image is the screenshot of order list.

To preset any values, we just create a new order in the order list, set everything we want to set, such as, not limited to, the pair, buy or sell, entry price, volume, expiration, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, etc.

There are two steps to fill the preset values

  1. In the order list, select the order to you want to fill values with, execute the “Copy” command.
  2. In the order creation form, whether market or pending order, use the “Paste Order” command to paste the value.

Advantages of the copy/paste method than other preset solution

If you ever use other trade platform which support preset default values such as Oanda fxTrade, you may be aware of the big difference between Manual Trader and other platform. There are several advantages of Manual Trader copy/paste method over other platform.

  • Many different values can be set for one single pair. For example, you may want to set stop loss for EURUSD to 10 pips for a scalping trade, and set it to 100 pips for a swing trade. In other platform only one value can be preset. In Manual Trader, the order list capacity is unlimited, thus you can create as many orders as you need as the preset values. Take the above example again, in Manual Trader, you can create two orders in order list, one stop loss is 10 pips, the other one is 100 pips.
  • Very Powerful. Not only stop loss, take profit and trailing stop can be preset, the pair symbol, entry price, volume, and expiration can be preset too. And even more powerful, each values can be set in different ways. For example, stop loss can be set in either price or pips, and take profit can be set in price, pips, or even TP/SL ratio.