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Manual Trader document -- manage order list

Order list is a power way to create and manage orders. In order list we can:

  • Create market and pending orders.
  • Modify market and pending orders.
  • Send multiple orders at the same time.
  • Send multiple orders as One Cancels the Other (OCO) order.
  • Copy and paste orders.
  • Save and load orders to/from external file.

There are several buttons on the panel.

  • Send: Send selected orders to broker server and place the orders. One or multiple orders can be selected.
  • Add: Add a new market or pending order.
  • Edit: Modify the selected order.
  • Delete: Deleted selected orders.
  • More: A menu will pop up after More button is clicked. There are several commands in the menu.
    • Send One Cancels Other: Send the selected orders as One Cancels the Other (OCO) order. 2 or more orders should be selected. Unlike the OCO order in other platform, Manual Trader supports unlimited orders as OCO order. For example, if 5 orders are sent as an OCO order, if any one order is filled or cancelled, the other 4 orders will be cancelled. Warning: Manual Trader must be running to make OCO working.
    • Cut: Copy selected orders to Windows clipboard then remove them from the list.
    • Copy: Copy selected orders to Windows clipboard.
    • Paste: Paste orders from Windows clipboard to the list.
    • Save: Save selected orders to external file on disk.
    • Load: Load orders from file and add the orders to the list.
    • Recent files: Load orders from recent used file. This can load orders quickly.
    • Select All: Select all orders in the list.