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Manual Trader document -- Main interface

Area 1, function selection zone.

Functionalities in Manual Trader are well grouped and organized in several categories. Clicking on an item will switch between categories.

  • New Order – in this category, we can create and send market order, pending order, or organize order list.
  • Orders – in this category, all pending orders are listed and managed.
  • Trades – in this category, all open trades are listed and managed.
  • History – in this category, all historical orders are listed.
  • Settings – change the preference here.

Area 2, main function zone.

When a category is selected in area 1, area 2 will display the panel of the corresponding category. All operations are done here. The operations are explained in other documentations.

Area 3, the hide button.

Clicking the hide button causes the main interface hidden. To show the main interface again, click on the “Trade” button which floating on the MT4 chart.

Area 4, information on window title.

This area displays the information of MT4 server, your account, and register information.