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Manual Trader document -- Install and run Manual Trader

Manual Trader is an Expert Advisor (EA), which you must install to MetaTrader Expert folder and put it on the chart to run it.

Manual Trader can be installed in two ways, Windows installer or zip file.

Install via Windows Installer

Download Windows Installer ftap_manual_trader_setup.exe here.

  • Quit any running MT4 terminals.
  • Double click the .exe file to run it. If you are using Win 7 or upper and there is “User Access Control” warning, click “Yes” to continue.
  • In “End-User License Agreement” page, read the agreement and click “I Agree” if you agree.
  • Choose the directory where to install the EA. The directory is MT4 data folder.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Click “Install”.
  • After the installation finishes, click “Close” to quit the installer.
  • Run MT4 terminal again.

Install via zip file

Download zip file ftap_manual_trader.zip here.

  • Quit any running MT4 terminals.
  • Extract the files from the zip file to your favorite folder.
  • In Windows Explorer, open MT4 data folder.
  • Double click “MQL4” in the data folder, then double click “Experts”.
  • Copy all files from the zip file to Experts folder. If there are any existing files, overwrite them.
  • Run MT4 terminal again.

How to open MT4 data folder

In MetaTrader 4 terminal, click menu “File”, then click “Open data folder”. MT4 terminal is the program in which you check the rates, charting, and trading. After clicking “Open data folder”, Windows Explorer will show and contain the necessary folder.

Open Data Folder in MT4

Run Manual Trader

  • Locate the Navigator window in MT4. If there is no Navigator window, click menu “View”, then click “Navigator”. The Navigator window is usually at the left side.

  • In the Navigator, scroll until “FtapManualTrader” is visible. It's under “Expert Advisors” node.
  • Drag FtapManualTrader onto the chart.
  • In the setting dialog, be sure “Allow DLL imports” and “Allow live trading” are checked.

  • Click OK to close the setting dialog.
  • Now Manual Trader is running.

Manual Trader serves for all charts

Unlike an ordinary EA which only works for the chart that it has been placed on, one instance of Manual Trader can work for all charts in MT4.

That's to say, you only need to place one Manual Trader on any chart. Don't place more than one Manual Traders because it's not necessary.