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Manual Trader document -- configure

  • Slippage Pips: The maximum allowed slippage when sending new order or modify an order. The value is always in pips.
  • Magic Number: The start magic number used by Manual Trader. Manual Trader will try to reuse magic number as much as possible. Note: don't modify the magic number when there are pending orders or open trades.
  • Pause on new bar in Visual Test mode: If this is checked, in visual back testing, Manual Tester will pause the simulation on each new bar. This is a great time saving feature when you are back testing bar based strategies. Note: if the under testing time frame is low, such as 5 minutes, Manual Trader may skip several bars to pause, this is caused by limitation in MT4.
  • Show trade button: Whether to show the trade button on MT4 chart. If the trade button is not shown, the main window can't be closed.
  • Always on Top: If this is checked, the main window will be always on top.
  • Confirm when: Set whether to show confirmation under several conditions.