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Manual Trader document -- Back testing

Back testing is a great way to improve your trading skill.

Advantages of back testing

  • Test and verify your strategies before put them on live account.
  • Exercise your trading skill without losing any money.
  • Trade on a long period historical data in quite short time. You may need only one hour to test on one year data instead of spending one year of your precious life.

Disadvantages of current MT4 back testing solution

  • Back testing in MT4 was designed heavily for automation trading. It's very hard to trade manually. There is no built-in way to place any orders in the back testing manually.
  • The way trading in back testing is quite different than real market, if you trade manually.

How Manual Trader improves your back testing

Manual Trader works exactly the same way as real market. So you have the exact same environment on both back testing and real market. This helps to improve your trading skill dramatically.

Run back test with Manual Trader

  • If your MT4 Strategy Tester is not visible, click menu View, then Strategy Tester.
  • Select “Expert Advisor”, then select FtapManualTrader.ex4 as the EA.
  • Be sure “Visual mode” is checked.
  • Be sure “Optimization” is NOT checked.
  • Choose the pair symbol and time frame.
  • Click button Start to run the back test.

After the back test run, Manual Trader will show and you can do all operations there as if you are trading on your live account.