After some painful researching, now I start using Trello for project and life management

I was using a Chinese cloud note software for some time, on both web and mobile (IOS). But recently the software has trouble on synchronization. It's a disaster that I can't see my notes on my computer that I wrote on iPhone.

My poor choice

There are infinite great free online products for notes (Microsoft OneNote, EverNote), to do managment (WunderList, Todoist, HiTask), project management, and bug tracker. However, my choice is very poor, because most those products don't work well in the internet environment in China. They are either very slow, or the web page connects to some APIs from Google or Amazon, which is quite slow or is banned by China…

There are some similar products by Chinese vendors. I won't trust most of them because they are very small companies. I don't know if my information will be leaked, or when the servers crash.

My purpose for such a project management software

  • Track my to do list.
  • Track bugs in my programs.
  • Track my ideas, such as a new feature I come out during my dinner, or a new algorithm trading strategy I think of during my commute.
  • Manage my project in an agile way. I'm not an agile expert but I like the idea.
  • Manage my life better and more productive.

My requirements

  • Must be not too slow in China. This is vital. I used OneNote and HiTask for long time but I had to give them up because they are too slow in China these days.
  • Must support both web and mobile. So I can write down any notes on my mobile phone.
  • Must be free.

I start using Trello from now on

After used and give up OneNote, HiTask, EverNote, WunderList, Todoist, and so on, and after tried some other tools, eventually I decide to give Trello a try. Here are the reasons.

  • It's not very slow in China.
  • Both web and mobile versions work quite smoothly, and the synchronization is great.
  • It's simple and very powerful, board, list, and card.
  • It's created by the creator of Stack Overflow. I'm not a big fan of SO but I respect that how big community it is.

Need more test on Trello

I just started using Trello, so I need to invest more time on using it to see if it fits me. Let me know your opinion on Trello or other similar products.


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