Oanda fxTrade upgraded to 64 bits transaction ID

Oanda has upgraded fxTrade transaction ID to 64 bits. I checked my order history on my practice account, the order IDs were 32 bits at 2015. Oct. 24, and the orders I sent today, Oct.31, are already 64 bits.

What does 64 bits ID mean

If you are using Oanda REST API, and you parse the “id” field as 32 bits int, you will get problem. Indeed I myself got that problem in a project I did for a client, which uses REST API. The ID was wrongly parsed as 32 bits then the system goes crazy. :(

The problem in Qt JSON object

I use QJsonValue to parse the REST JSON object. The problem is, there is only toInt() in QJsonValue, no toInt64(). The solution is simple, just call


Convert the JSON value to QVariant then convert to long long!

Check your system as soon as possible

If you are using Oanda REST API, check your system as soon as possible. Double check!


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