Install custom indicators and expert advisors in MetaTrader 4 build 600 and later

MT4 build 600 was released in February 2014. This was a breaking update and is quite different with previous builds. In this article I will show you how to install custom indicators and EAs in MT4 build 600 and later.

Steps to install custom indicators and EAs

Step 1. In MetaTrader 4 terminal, click menu “File”, then click “Open data folder”. MT4 terminal is the program in which you check the rates, charting, and trading. After clicking “Open data folder”, Windows Explorer will show and contain the necessary folder.

Open Data Folder in MT4

Step 2. In Windows File Explorer, double click the folder “MQL4”.

Open MQL4 folder in Explorer

Step 3. If you are installing indicators, double click the folder “Indicators”. If you are installing expert advisors, double click the folder “Experts”.

Open indicators or experts folder in Explorer

Step 4. Copy any .ex4, .dll files into the folder. If there are any same name files, just overwrite them.

Step 5. Restart MetaTrader terminal and enjoy.


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